I want to capture

the best portrait of you

that has ever been taken. 

Bold statement, I know, but it's true. 


Photography should never be awkward. I want you to feel completely natural and relaxed in front of my camera, and that is my biggest goal in my photo shoots. Besides creating stunning imagery, it's really about having fun and just enjoying the shoot.


Instead of awkwardly posing you in a stuffy studio, I love to take clients out to a beautiful location, and while chatting and getting to know you we work together as a team to create something unique and beautiful.


I am happy to help coach you with advice and tips on posing, if you need it.


I have developed my technique from combined experience in portraits, landscape, travel and lifestyle photography, which results in images that reveal your personality in a relaxed and confident way.


Feel free to get in touch to meet up for a coffee and chat about how I can help you!


Let's talk

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